Dinory Dinosaur Scratch Board Dinosaur neck pillow WITH PUPPY WITH KITTY

Dinosaur Neck Pillow


The dinosaur neck pillow is a dinosaur-shaped neck pillow that children like. It is designed in a very cute and lovely shape of a dinosaur, providing a comfortable rest for everyone. Try it as a dinosaur doll usually and as a relaxing rest friend when you travel!

Dinosuar Neck Pillow

Project ‘Dinory’

We wanted to let children who like dinosaurs experience them in more diverse forms. Dinosaur figure toys had limitations because they had limited play methods. 'Dinory' is a comprehensive content project that children can experience play, painting, creation, and education under the theme of dinosaurs.

Third Dinory Project, Dinosuar Neck Pillow

The dinosaur neck pillow is developed as a doll and neck pillow.Children who like dinosaurs can carry them comfortably anytime, anywhere.It can be useful for a trip with children by adding practicality of neck pillow to a doll.

Product Detail

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